Ik zorg dat Nederlands leren:

doelgericht is

bruikbaar is in uw dagelijkse, sociale en zakelijke leven

volgens een vaste structuur aangeboden wordt

vooral leuk en ontspannen is

Alleen zo bereik je, naar mijn mening, je doel.

over de docent

Melissa (Canada) zegt:

I started going to Boukje after three years of living in the Netherlands. My vocabulary was growing, but my grammar was self-taught and as such, I had developed bad habits. Boukje was a great teacher, and working one on one, she could direct her attention to the areas which needed the most focus. The lessons were structured so I knew I would get the most out of my time together with her, but remained flexible for questions or topics which I wanted to discuss. She has a creative way of teaching with plenty of tips and tricks for learning everything from the basics to the more complex Dutch grammar rules. Overall, her enthusiasm and sympathetic nature helped boost my confidence in speaking the Dutch language!

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