Exam Preparations

Private lessons or lessons in a group up to 5 people

Tailor-made courses focused on preparing for State exams I or II, Integration Exams, or AKV tests

Start, length, and schedule of the course is flexible

At Taaleigen or online lessons with Teams or Skype


Would you like to become a Dutch citizen or would you like to receive an education in The Netherlands? Then you need to do State Exam Dutch as a foreign language or Integration Exams. Do you need to do the AKV tests in order to work as a doctor or dentist? Taaleigen can help you prepare for these exams.

Integration in The Netherlands

You would like to do the Integration Exams abroad. Taaleigen can help you prepare for these exams during one of your temporary visits to The Netherlands.
You already live in The Netherlands and you would like to integrate into Dutch society. You can choose to do the Integration Exams. If you are highly educated, you can also choose to do the State Exams NT2, program I or II to fulfil the demands of the government. The exams test you on the following skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing, Knowledge of Dutch Society and Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market.

Working and studying in The Netherlands

For a secondary vocational training or a job at that level, you will need to do State exam NT2 I. For university or a job at that level, you need to do State exams NT2, program II. The exams test you on the following skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Taaleigen can help you prepare for these exams.

Working as a doctor, dentist or psychologist

You would like to work as a doctor, dentist or psychologist. You will need the BIG registration. One of the requirements is that you pass the AKV tests. You can do that at Babel. Taaleigen would like to help you with the preparations for these exams.

Jessica (The USA) says:

Boukje is a fantastic teacher and I recommend her to anyone seeking Dutch lessons. I have thoroughly enjoyed the one on one lessons because they allow me to move at my own pace and fully participate. During each lesson, I am completely involved and practicing. I find that speaking is the hardest part of learning a language and I can feel shy, but with Boukje I feel perfectly at ease. This is, along with Boukje’s experience and technique, one of the most important qualities to me. She is incredibly well prepared for each lesson and she knows how to explain things in a multitude of different ways. She tailors the lessons to my specific needs and goals. Boukje is patient and caring – she truly wants her students to learn and succeed. So, I passed all my exams!! –She also happens to be fun and has a great sense of humor; If only all of my education experiences had been this smooth with such a prepared, approachable, and fun teacher! I wholeheartedly recommend Boukje without any hesitation.


During a half hour intake, the teacher discusses your wishes and needs with you and she determines your level of Dutch. She designs a course that is tailor-made. The program can be altered during the course to changing needs. The length and the program of the course depend on your needs and goals. After the intake, you will receive a quote, which does not commit you to anything.

Domenica (Equador) says:

Boukje is een fantastische docent. Zij heeft me geholpen met mijn taaltoetsen voor mijn BIG registratie en gelukkig ben ik geslaagd. Ze is streng waar ze moet zijn en ze houdt duidelijk van boeken en begrijpt de kracht van communicatie. Ik kan haar zeker aanbevelen als Nederlandse docent.

Jared (Canada) says:

Before I started my lessons with Boukje, I could read Dutch, but I found it extremely difficult to carry on a conversation. Within a year, I had passed the Staatsexamenen NT2 II. If you are results driven, I highly recommend Taaleigen.

Md. Christian (Chili) says:

Very good method, patient, very compromised with your learning. Absolutely recommended if you want to improve quickly and right. Above all, een heel gezellig meisje.

Mohammed (Algeria) says:

About the lessons with Boukje: I think only about positive things, a good experience and, of course, the positive results. I like the way she is doing her lessons, in not PUSHING me to do the things RIGHT, she was HELPING me to do the things RIGHT at the same time she made me feel that it’s okay to make faults or mistakes without making you feel stupid. I liked the way she build the stages of the lessons, I mean one by one with a nice order. She is an understanding and lovely person who makes you feel welcome and enthousiastic to learn Dutch.

Would you like more information or an appointment for an obligation-free intake?